CompuPlants Platinum® is a power-packed nursery management system. Design your own custom forms with the award-winning design report writing tool. Editable grids allow you to manipulate data in a way that best suits your objectives. View and email near laser quality shipping documents, purchase orders, reports, and statements from anywhere you can get an internet connection.


Orders is a comprehensive, real-time application for entering and fulfilling orders. The sales order entry system tracks orders by customer and projected ship dates, matches ordered products to inventory ready dates, and maintains master order reservations. Overall benefits are improved customer service, on-time order shipments and accurate availability.


  • Keeps constant track of plant shipments by customer for orders spread over several weeks or months, and confirms orders only for inventory that is ready to sell.
  • Automatically adjusts for changes in inventory status or ship/add dates in real time.
  • Pricing flexibility includes routines for catalog, future, volume ordering, specials, and order discounts.
  • Ordered, confirmed and shipped product quantities.
  • Order pick lists from master, shipped orders, itemizing, and keyword searching.
  • Records ship-to, bill-to, and credit information, and flags accounts over credit limit.
  • Add orders on the fly to master tie-offs.
  • Unlimited number of items on order. Handles special customer note and barcode requirements - UPC and SKU# fields by item.
  • Change log tracks price updates and product substitutions.
  • Price control integrated with CompuPlants user permissions and options: Allow all, allow some, or deny all users the ability to change payment terms, discount, and pricing; control overselling as well.
  • Multiple back order processing methods.
  • Duplicate orders.
  • Direct ship orders from purchase orders.

Customizable Order Documents

  • Easy-to-use document designer for modifying quotes, acknowledgements, confirmations, invoices, and packing lists.
  • One-click email option for sending to customer.


A perpetual inventory control system, the Inventory module helps you maintain accurate availability and fulfill promises made to customers at order entry time. Inventory provides a full detail growing cycle essential for production management in lowering purchase costs and labor. Timely plant production scheduling is dependent on accurate inventory control.

Special screens allow you to see all inventory, production reserve and sales information at a glance.

Inventory Entry Forms

  • Recounts, transactions(transplants, dumps, adjustments and movements)
  • Physical year-end counting reconciliation
  • Beginning inventory (one time initial count)
  • Field estimate percent for allocation counts by grades/sizes


  • At-a-glance inventory view by plant and product
  • Quick access views by orders, locations, and purchases
  • Special order view for allocation and substitute product entry; change orders directly by product
  • Historical last year, this year sold product, and current balance


Trucks expedites the order fulfillment process, organizing and printing documents necessary to carry a plant from the field, onto the truck, and to its final destination. The module pools necessary information from the Inventory, Orders and Receivables modules to efficiently ship plants.

Truck Build

  • Select, sort and filter the list of orders by zip, address, date wanted and more.
  • Click express pick and move orders onto the truck.
  • View products on the trucks and calculate units and feet filled.
  • Option to calculate miles from origin and miles to the next drop used for freight calculation.
  • Organize deliveries by shipvia, region, zip and/or customer.

Mass Pull Build

  • Consolidates orders in advance to prepare for the coming week.
  • Express pick and move orders to mass pull.
  • Undo and move orders from one mass pull to another mass pull.
  • Mass pull independent of truck build and can view which orders are on trucks.

Pick List

  • Allows location identification. Pick list can be created by truck, mass pull and order.
  • Express pick to choose from a list of available locations if first choice is unavailable.


  • Pull, load, and delivery reports with several variations.


Purchases concentrates on comparative buying, and supplementing availability and growing/production inventory. Integrated with inventory and costing, the module also focuses on calculating profit margins.

  • Fully integrates vendors with product. Optionally and immediately enters plant purchases into availability. Handles master purchase orders.
  • Allows vendor/product analysis. Integrates with growing and selling inventory. At-a-glance inquiry screens show product sales and vendor purchase information


Payables is a voucher-based system for tracking open and closed invoices from vendors. The open invoice concept is an intuitive design to manage your cash requirements and seamlessly integrate with financial reporting. This allows timely payments to vendors and managing cash requirements. Integration means quicker and more accurate financial reporting.


  • Vendor contact information
  • Vendor name and address
  • Contact fields
  • Vendor notes
  • Email and web address
  • Flexible and powerful grid function allow quick, easy and customizable searching. Allows you to build grids on the fly and the customize each grid.
  • Chronological notes by vendor

Voucher Entry

  • Standard template default expense account.
  • Expedites the entry of voucher distributions to accounts.
  • Pay date calculated based on terms.
  • Discounts calculated based on terms.
  • Checks for duplicate vendor invoices
  • Debit entry for vendor

Credit Memos

  • Unlimited account distributions

Payables and Manual Checks

  • Unlimited vouchers per check
  • Over flow page when vouchers exceed check stub limit.
  • 1099
  • Miscellaneous, interest and dividend 1099
  • Royalty entry

Check Printing

  • Built-in designer for computer and manual checks.

Payment Processing

  • Pay by pay date. Quick-change entry allows mass change by pay date for selected invoices.
  • Pay by vendor. Pay all, partial pay or click to quick pay.

Standard Reports

  • Aging summary (Aged by invoice date)
  • Aging detail (Aged by invoice date)
  • Payables due list (aged by due date)
  • Voucher trace with checks paid and debits written.
  • Check register
  • Open vouchers by vendor or pay date. Cash requirements report.


Receivables manages customers and assists with collecting outstanding invoices. The benefits of receivables are improved customer service, cash flow, and credit management.


  • Single customer entry with two ship-to and two bill-to addresses.
  • Multiple customer entry with unlimited ship-tos per bill-to.
  • Two price styles. Standard with discounts at the end of the order and net adjusted price per line.
  • Default discount on a customer basis.
  • Discount types. Customer based on year to date purchases.
  • Purchase order required.
  • Duplicate purchase order not allowed.
  • Deposit required
  • Credit hold on customer. This can placed at order or truck build time.

Invoice/Credit Memo Entry

  • Invoices are posted from Orders and can also be done as a single step in Receivables.
  • User defined reason codes. Credit reports by reason and customer with summaries by reason codes.

Customer Payments

  • Easy quick pay entry. A customizable invoice paylist. Select, sortand filter fields based on customizing the grid. Express click or press hot key to pay.
  • Deposit accounts for prepaid and overpays (unapplied check)
  • Discount payment. Automatically takes discount if paid with terms.
  • Direct entry to general ledger for special discounts and other


  • Aging, past due and statements on demand.
  • Aging summary (Invoice date)
  • Aging summary with detail (Invoice date)
  • Past due invoices aged (Due date)
  • Past due invoices aged with detail (Due date)
  • Invoice trace listing all credits and payments by customer.
  • Daily invoice report
  • Daily cash report by how paid.
  • Credits by customer

Miscellaneous Items

  • Record daily deposits and reconcile customer checks using a pick and move receipt to deposit entry.
  • One stop Credit management Information: Displays current month, current year to date, month, last year to date, and last year. Highest balance this year and last. Open invoices, average days to pay, current balance, first invoice and last invoice.
  • Print monthly statements by customer.

Sales Reports

The foundation for Sales Reports is provided in three tools. While the application contains a set of standard reports, its real power comes from the use of graphically designed reports, a grid-based view and a pivot-based data mining tool. Sophisticated reporting that allows you complete, customizable control over your sales activity.

Examine open, invoiced, master, canceled, and credit orders by product, customer, or sales representative, in a variety of report combinations.

Standard Reports


  • Ship-to summary
  • Sold-to summary
  • Ship-to product detail
  • Sold-to product detail
  • Ship-to this year las comparison summary


  • Product summary
  • Product ship-to summary

Sales Rep

  • Sales rep by order
  • Sales rep by state

System Requirements

Disk Space 1 GB storage for application and database (combined)
Server Memory: 3GB
Disk Speeds & Transfer Rates:
Small Nursery 5000-7500 RPM
Large Nursery 10,000 RPM
Network 1 GB
Email Orders/Invoice Emailing: A local email client is required, such as Outlook 2013 or Thunderbird.
Truck Notifications: SMTP mail server
Thermal Label Printing Nice Label 5.0 or 6.0
Monitor See Microsoft's recommended requirements